important points & downloads

01 – we request a deposit of £20 for all bookings for cats
(the deposit for small animals is £10)

02 – please contact us a day or so before to let us know the approximate time you will arrive – this is helpful when we are particularly busy (please check our open times)

03 – please remember that your cat needs to be vaccinated and you must bring the vaccination record when you drop-off

04 – please tell us about any recent illnesses and any dietary needs – we also need a completed details form (click here to download) – copies of this form are also at the cattery – it is only needed once

(the details form for small animals can be downloaded here)

05 – we will ask for a contact number for your time away

06 – we prefer the balance of payment at start of the stay please
(cheque, cash or bank transfer)

– thank you –

we are regulated and regularly inspected by East Devon District Council – you can view a copy of our licence here

unfortunately DEFRA will only allow catteries a rating of 4 or 5 stars if there are opaque panels between pens – so although we more than pass all the other points, EDDC are only able to give us 3 stars

this is a DEFRA rule and EDDC cannot change it

we don’t really understand the reason for this rule but we checked with our customers and they all said that they prefer the transparent panels that we currently have between the pens – reasons given include the better light, the better view that the cats have and that their cats like to see the other cats – therefore we will not be changing to opaque panels between pens